Facebook fuss part umpteen: students are dum-dums

The latest round of Facebook numbskullery comes from none other than Edinburgh’s Student newspaper. Now, a few people have tried to persuade me to write for it, what with me having this blog and being a student at Edinburgh University and all. But it isn’t something that I could be proud of. Reading the Student […]

Broadcasters should now be biased if they want to be

The media is changing very quickly, and there are a lot of difficult issues that have to be sorted out. With the massive (and still growing, maybe even still accellerating) success of blogging, podcasting and vlogging, the boundaries between the mainstream media and the pamphleteers are becoming ever-more blurred. This week Michael Grade wondered about […]

You realise that everybody can read that?

I guess people are just really stupid. Time for people to wise up about the web. It’s dead easy. If you post something on the internet, people can see it. That means: authority figures, parents, current employers, potential future employers, everybody. Top Law Student (down at the moment; mirror here) has a post reminding you […]

Vox thoughts

I signed up to Six Apart’s funny new blogging / social network service, Vox (thanks to Sarah for the invite!). Is it LiveJournal for grownups? Is it MySpace without the emo kids? We just don’t know. Here is my page on Vox. I’m not exactly sure that I’ll ever use it, given that I surely […]

Top of the Pops was only axed because it was bad

Here is an article trying to explain why Top of the Pops is no longer needed (via DJ Martian). It contains all the usual cheesy stuff about how everybody now watches music on MySpace or whatever rather than the television. In my view there is still a place for a television programme such as Top […]

MySpace launches IM client; I reach for gun

Just as it was beginning to look like we would only need to use MSN Messenger and Google Talk to be able to talk to just about anyone (nobody uses ICQ any more, right?), MySpace have decided to create their own IM client. And just because it’s MySpace, it will be huge. Let’s face it, […]

MySpace UK seems to have launched

MySpace UK seems to have launched, and the only difference appears to be the addition of a little Union Flag in the logo. In January, a it was announced that: A UK version of the social networking site MySpace.com is to be launched “within the next 30 days”. Now, after 88 days, it is here. […]

The Page takes Google back an age

So, Google Pages eh? It’s nothing earth-shattering, although I think the WYSIWYG editor works quite well; it’s very easy to tell what’s going on, which should make it an absolute doddle for anybody who has never done this sort of thing to get stuff published on the internet. But you have to wonder why? Making […]