Chris Lightfoot

I am not qualified to talk about Chris Lightfoot. I have never come close to even meeting him, and I only know of him through his blog and his work on certain mySociety projects and the like. But the news of his unexpected death has made me quite sad. As MatGB notes, if you have […]

Letter to Jack Straw

I signed this pledge — the first time I have ever signed a pledge at PledgeBank. You see, I think is a pretty nifty website. So I guess I’d better write a letter then! Dear Mr Straw, I am writing in response to comments you made in the House of Commons on 20th July […]

Journey times mapped

MySociety’s latest really smart thing is Travel-time maps (via Boing Boing). They show you how long particular journeys take. At the moment there are maps for rail and various other journeys from Cambridge. There is also a map for rail journeys from Edinburgh Waverley station. Very interesting, and potentially useful as well. It seems to […]