Don’t you see I have important things to do like listen to music?

Somebody has designed a smart little sticker for the iPod Shuffle that signifies whether or not you’re prepared to have a conversation! This design is a visual interpretation of one aspect from my current study about Acoustical Privacy: the iPod as a potential indicator for “non-communication”. Through a playful approach the sticker either strengthens the […]

New BOC EP due in June!

Well, this has come out of the blue — Boards of Canada have an EP coming out, called Trans Canada Highway. The wait has been much shorter this time around. Despite the fact that I found ‘The Campfire Headphase‘ slightly disappointing, I’m very excited by this news. Warp has some info here — I love […]

If I were to form a band…

I’ve been tagged again. This time, Ryan wants to know if I formed a band what I would call it, what the debut album would be called and what genre it would be. I’ll let you into a secret here. I am convinced that I have one (only one, mind) amazing album in me. Despite […]

Battles — EP C/B EP

Well today I finally got my hands on the Battles CD, ‘EP C/B EP’, an introductory compilation of the band’s previous EPs and singles. I must say that I am very impressed. Very few bands manage to make guitars still sound interesting, but Battles is definitely one of them. This sounds like what I hoped […]

Why do I hate the NME again?

This is another one that slots into “obvious”, but I’ve just read the list of winners at the NME Awards, and what a load of steaming shite it is. No awards even for Maxïmo Park, who are one of the few vaguely interesting bands in that scene. Shocker. Instead, all the awards went to the […]

Chris Clark — Throttle Furniture

Chris Clark’s first album, Clarence Park, was one of the albums that really grabbed me when I was first getting into Warpy electronic IDM whatever music. He seemed to be an exciting prospect, but I didn’t quite fully get into the EP and album he released in 2003. Well, now Chris Clark has finally re-emerged […]