Excellent live Ae, AFX, BOC, Squarepusher, μ-ziq MP3s

I know there are a few readers of this blog now who are fans of these sorts of artists. Right now the Featured Artists section of WATMM is an excellent place to get your hands on some brilliant live MP3s. Right now I’m listening to a high-quality MP3 of Autechre’s set from last year’s gig […]

RIAA sues person with song in his head

RIAA sues family that doesn’t own a PC: A Rockmart family is being sued for illegal music file sharing, despite the fact that they don’t even own a computer. Via Boing Boing, where Cory Doctorow says: …this is probably more profitable in the long run than suing people who do share music, since those people […]

I love my pretty boxes!

I saw this intereting story on Guardian Unlimited today: CDs becoming a charity case (with some comments here). It seems as though more CDs are being sold second-hand because everybody’s got all their music on MP3 players now. Well I’m fully MP3’d up, with all my music stored on my computer and my iRiver. But […]

Charity idiocy: DRM

I was going to download the War Child Music album, but those jokers at 7 Digital are behind this. So it’s WMA files (that I can’t play on my computer) with DRM. IDIOTS. It says Tracks are available in MP3, WMA and AAC formats so they will work with any computer or portable player. But […]

Boards of Canada — Oscar See Through Red Eye download

It has been over three and a half years since we were last treated to new Boards of Canada music. Sure, there was the re-release of what was the über-rare (but leaked-onto-the-internet) Twoism, and there were leaks of compilations of old BoC music. But they’re not new. And it’s been almost four years. Luckily it’s […]

Autechre and The Hafler Trio — æo³ & ³hæ

My decent into Autechre fanboydom continues, as I have bought the latest Autechre-related release. It’s the second installment of Autechre’s collaboration with The Hafler Trio, entitled æo³ & ³hæ. Apparently it’s limited to a thousand copies. If the experience of the first installment — æ³o & h³æ — is anything to go by, though, it’s […]

Free, legal music? Can’t be having that

The greed of some record companies never ceases to amaze. Surely the BBC offering — for a short period of time — free downloads of Beethoven’s symphonies must be a good thing? Oh no. According to the record companies, “it is devaluing the perceived value of music.” Actually, offering recordings of Beethoven’s symphonies is perfectly […]