Focus on Ferrari’s engines

Unfortunately the Valencia Street Circuit did not come up with the goods. There was excitement in some quarters about the possibility of overtaking in Valencia, but the race was in fact one of the most processional we have seen all year. The only decent overtaking move was Coulthard on Piquet very early on in the […]

Does Formula 1 really have an overtaking problem?

The 2009 season will bring a completely new look to Formula 1, with one of the most drastic and far-reaching overhauls of the rulebook in the sport’s history. The only comparable change I can think of in my lifetime is the rules brought in for 1998 (grooved tyres and narrower cars), but even that pales […]

Hamilton: How very DARE Alonso try and race me?

Lewis Hamilton has been at it again with the whining. This time he is “fuming” over the fact that Fernando Alonso had the audacity to try and have a motor race with him. In the middle of a Grand Prix as well! Whatever will happen next! It is true that Hamilton was forced onto the […]

Is there a witch hunt against McLaren?

This has turned out to be McLaren’s annus horribilis when it should have been a year of celebration. After an unprecedented series of years in the doldrums on the track, McLaren have finally gone back to their winning ways. But off the track, it is difficult to imagine what else could have gone wrong. It […]

Hamilton is flashy, but Alonso is efficient

Well, that was a surprise. The Italian Grand Prix seemed destined to be dull. Monza is an anomaly in today’s Formula 1. It is a fast slipstreaming circuit in an age where slipstreaming is effectively discouraged by the aerodynamic features of the cars. We saw last year how it is impossible for F1 cars to […]

2006 Italian Grand Prix

Well the Grand Prix itself has been overshadowed by the announcement that Michael Schumacher is going to retire from motor racing at the end of this season. As expected, Kimi Räikkönen and Felipe Massa have been announced as Ferrari’s drivers for next season. It was a good time for Schumacher to announce his retirement, having […]