How should politics be reformed?: Part 1

The crisis currently facing politics in the UK is massive. Citizens feel detached from the political process and trust in politicians is rock-bottom. It’s been widely noted that this is a perfect opportunity to reform the rotten system. I only want to briefly cover the main ideas for reform, so I will use The Guardian’s […]

Experience vs change

There is a row in the USA at the moment between the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama camps. Sadly, someone somewhere along the line has played the race card. Hillary Clinton’s comments about the Civil Rights Act have been called into question. I doubt Hillary Clinton intended to belittle Martin Luther King’s role. But Hillary […]

Diana souvenirs vs cars

Simon at The Liberal Dissenter has found that — believe it or not — the fuss about the royal wedding is worse in other countries. Read the whole thing, as they say, but here’s the killer quote: Is it any wonder that foreigners would rather buy our Diana souvenirs than our cars?