Slow but steady wins the race for Räikkönen

Sorry! Very late once again. Very busy weekend once again. I’m actually staying up well past my bedtime to write this post. (And not because I’m waiting to see if In Rainbows is released this evening, oh no!) Anyway, the Chinese Grand Prix was just the sort of classic race that reminds you why you […]

Is it safe to say something now?

I am quite reluctant to write about the week’s off-track events in the world of Formula 1. Originally I wanted things to settle down before I wrote anything. But ever since then, things have steadfastly refused to settle down. A few people come along to kick some dust into the air and the whole issue […]

Formula 1 2006 preview

Woohoo, the new Formula 1 season starts this weekend. Already! Yet again the winter has gone by quickly, and it only seems like yesterday when a drain cover became the most important player in the race. And so once again it is time for me to write some totally un-expert non-analysis in preparation for the […]

Reliability halts McLaren again!

This time, though, it wasn’t the car, but a manhole cover. It got blown off by a car and then Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into it. There’s always something new in Formula 1, isn’t there? Anyway, the race was dead boring, apart from that bit where somebody locked up. Was it Barrichello? I can’t even […]

A sad day for F1: the end of Minardi

Well the rumours have been pretty strong for the past week and now it’s for certain: Red Bull confirms Minardi purchase. I have always been in awe of Minardi. In all the time I’ve been watching Formula 1 — about ten years now — Minardi have always been fastened to the bottom of the timing […]

2005 Formula 1 German Grand Prix

Not a bad race this time. There is quite a lot to comment on. The first thing to say is that Alonso looks like he well and truly has the championship wrapped up. The McLaren, as I have been saying for goodness knows how long, is clearly the best car. But it is simply far […]

Friesacher to go?

Well, it seems to happen at least once a year, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to learn that Patrick Friesacher is struggling to find the money to keep him in that Minardi car. Possibly the least impressive driver of the year; Minardi probably won’t be too unhappy to see him go. […]

Who cares about F1 when there’s the beach?

The problem with Max Mosley: All the time in this job you’re trying to solve other people’s problems. You sit in an office in Monaco slaving away and you could be on the beach or having a nice lunch. It’s crazy. Aww, poor Max. He was so busy fucking up the sport that he’s head […]