Formula 1 2006 preview

Woohoo, the new Formula 1 season starts this weekend. Already! Yet again the winter has gone by quickly, and it only seems like yesterday when a drain cover became the most important player in the race. And so once again it is time for me to write some totally un-expert non-analysis in preparation for the […]

McLaren unveil new livery

McLaren have unveiled their new livery, and it is the world’s largest rear-view mirror. Also, it is fugly. I think without that extra red on the front and rear wings it would look good, but it just looks like a mess at the moment. Another red livery — just what we need! Ferrari, Toyota, Honda, […]

F1 roundup

A fair bit of F1 news today. MF1 Racing reveals its new look — yuk. But more importantly, Williams have signed the Concorde Agreement, so the chances of a GPMA break-away series are now much smaller.

More on Midland

More on Midland: “The team has also unveiled its new livery, a combination of white, silver grey and red, which has been chosen to differentiate the team from others in the F1 field.” You mean like McLaren, BAR, Toyota and Ferrari?

Reliability halts McLaren again!

This time, though, it wasn’t the car, but a manhole cover. It got blown off by a car and then Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into it. There’s always something new in Formula 1, isn’t there? Anyway, the race was dead boring, apart from that bit where somebody locked up. Was it Barrichello? I can’t even […]

Midland for 2012

Midland have become the third team to sign the Concorde Agreement, guaranteeing their position in Formula 1 until 2012. That’s if Shnaider’s squad gets through this year first of course! Update: Kiesa replaces Doornbos as Jordan third driver.