In praise of Google Talk

I’ve taken the piss out of Google Talk a few times on this blog. Well, with the buzz about the new Google Chat idea that integrates IM into Gmail (which is being phased in), I felt like testing out the chat history, which saves your Google Talk conversations in your Gmail account (the one feature […]

The media’s obsession with Google

The media’s love affair with Google has continued apace today. Google sniffed, and the media shat itself. While I obviously don’t think it’s pleasent that Google is censoring its results in China, I am actually surprised that they weren’t already doing that. Remember a year or so back when MSN banned its Chinese users from […]

Amazon Xbox shortages

Gamers decry Amazon Xbox shortage. The moral of the story is, if you want your items delivered promptly, never order from Amazon. As anybody who has used Amazon will know, Amazon’s “delivery estimates” seem to be random dates plucked from thin air.

RSS decisions

This is quite big because whatever Microsoft decide on will become the standard for many. They’re deciding on how to signify RSS feeds. They’re right to use an icon. The problem with RSS is that it’s got a silly name. ‘RSS’ or ‘feed’ means nothing to most people. Incidentally, I’d go for #4 just because […]

IM wars

IM wars: It’s MSN, AIM and Yahoo! versus Google. Very interesting if you use IM. (Via.)

MSN freedom

MSN Spaces has banned words such as “democracy” and “freedom” for Chinese users.