2005 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix

This is my fourth post in a row about Formula 1, but I’m not apologising for that. Well, that was … comical, embarassing, farcical, suicidal. There are any number of words you could use, but none of them refer to the racing because there wasn’t any. It’s difficult to know what to say. We knew […]

Voice of reason?

Is this the voice of reason? Just over two hours until the United States Grand Prix starts, and there still isn’t a solution to the whole messy situation. Ridiculous, depressing, and embarassing for the sport.

End the F1 tyre fiasco

For a while now, I have wanted to see the end of the tyre war in Formula 1. When Bridgestone first entered Formula 1, joining Goodyear in 1997, I was quite excited about it. Another variable; can’t be a bad thing, right? And it wasn’t at first. But since Michelin entered the fray Formula 1 […]