NASCAR tyre fiasco

Indianpolis-style surface causes tyre chaos in NASCAR (mind you, most NASCAR fans probably came in their cowboy hats due to all the accidents). Who still wants to blame Michelin for what happened at Indy then?

2005 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix

Not a bad old race. It’s been a while since there’s been a wet race and it showed up an interesting development — Michelin’s intermediate tyres are amazing, both when the track is quite wet and when it’s drying. I remember the 2003 World Championship when Michelin said that their tyres were faster than Bridgestones […]

Still keeping up?

Okay, so now apparently the Michelin teams aren’t guilty of anything. “New evidence” has come up pointing out that the teams were obliged to follow Michelin’s safety advice, and therefore were not at fault. Except everybody knew that all the time, so goodness knows what the FIA are up to. I’ve given up trying to […]

The World Council decides

Well, it was a nervous day to be a Formula 1 fan. But it turned out to be not as bad as I had expected. The Michelin teams were found: guilty of failing to ensure that they were in possession of suitable tyres for the 2005 US Grand Prix; but with strong, mitigating circumstances This […]

Michelin responds

Edouard Michelin, the Michelin (boss) man, has written an angry letter to Max Mosley. Over the last days, you have repeatedly blamed us in the press, directly or indirectly. Will you at least recognize publicly that we have taken a courageous, honest and transparent stance for the safety of the pilots? I hope you will […]

Who cares about F1 when there’s the beach?

The problem with Max Mosley: All the time in this job you’re trying to solve other people’s problems. You sit in an office in Monaco slaving away and you could be on the beach or having a nice lunch. It’s crazy. Aww, poor Max. He was so busy fucking up the sport that he’s head […]

Mosley on tyres

Here’s what Max Mosley said about tyres after this year’s European Grand Prix. If you are in any doubt about your car, you should always call it in. If you are still in doubt after checking the car in the pits, you should retire it from the race. That’s exactly what Michelin did on Sunday. […]

More FIArrari lunacy

Sorry to go on about Formula 1 again. But if you ever needed an example of just how idiotic the FIA are being, read this: We hear that the FIA has ordered Michelin to supply it with full details of all of its tyre failures in recent times and that the federation has instructed the […]