Relying on Howard

For the first time in ages I have got worked up over a piece of legislation. I was just listening to PMQs, and Blair has got me absolutely fuming. It was pointed out on the radio that it’s ridiculous that we should be relying so much on Michael Howard, who was once seen as the […]

Howard the lame duck leader

It’s easy to forget that Michael Howard still actually leads the Conservative Party. Whenever I hear him on the radio I visualise him with a jumper on, as though he’s this week’s guest in dictionary corner on Countdown.

Question Time

Everybody seems to be commenting on this evening’s edition of Question Time. I saw most of it, but I turned off as Michael Howard’s slot became little more than a shouting match between immigrants and Howard. And he was rubbish on the issue of Iraq, but what do you expect? He certainly had a tough […]