Reaching a wider audience or just creating an echo chamber?

For the past few weeks I have been using Digsby, a smart Trillian-style multi-protocol IM client. I’ve tried such programs before — Trillian, Pidgin and Meebo — but for one reason or another they all annoyed me. For this reason, before Digsby I stuck to having MSN, Google Talk and Skype all open at once. […]

Gadgets have won me over

I’ve been fiddling around with Gadgets again, and I have to say I stand corrected about the weather gadget! I hadn’t realised that dragging them away from the sidebar actually makes gadgets more functional. I now know that Sunday will be cloudy and Monday and Tuesday will be rainy. There are some other cool gadgets […]

Web 2.0 is a group hug

The only time I’ve had a conversation using that Meebo Me widget was last night, when somebody from Meebo thanked me for using it — he found my post via Technorati you see. The conversation was pretty much along the lines of: “Thanks for using our widget!” “No, thank you for inventing it!” “No, thank […]

Test driving meebo me

I’m test driving this new Meebo Me thing from those good people at Meebo. Look! There it is down there, in the sidebar. It looks like one of those awful shoutboxes, but it’s not. It’s an instant messenger on my blog. You can see when I’m online and send me abusive messages in a quicker […]