Oaten blogging roundup

Sorry for another post on this, but Tim Ireland has some more thoughts on what happened on certain blogs over the weekend. The timeline seems to go something like this: Wednesday evening: Guido and the Monkey release a drunken podcast which contains childish jokes, including ones about Mark Oaten being a paedophile Friday: Comments are […]

Who said blogging was an antidote to the MSM?

Before I start this post I want to point out that while I am generally a Liberal Democrat supporter, I’ve never really been a fan of Mark Oaten’s at all. I and I was quite delighted when he pulled out of the leadership race earlier this week. But I couldn’t give two hoots about what […]

It wasn’t me

Google wins again. It is quite common for people to land on any blog via some strange or unlikely search term. As such, I don’t often share them (although you can see them all for yourself if you want by looking at my Sitemeter stats). But I was surprised to find out that I am […]

So Kennedy has gone

I can’t say that, on Saturday 7th January 2006, I am surprised that Charles Kennedy has resigned. Earlier on in the week I would have been. It seemed as though there were a few MPs who were unhappy with Charles Kennedy’s leadership, but that he did have the support of ‘grass roots’ members. It certainly […]