Anyone but the Tories?

This is the accompanying article / transcript to my contribution to this week’s edition of The Pod Delusion, a humorous lefty / skeptical podcast. You can listen to the full podcast below. This year’s party conference season has now finished, and attention turns to the General Election that will held some time between now and […]

Voting day

Well today is voting day! What do you mean ‘what election’? Pah! Well I didn’t change my mind in the end. I came across this article by Magnus Linklater, my first preference. “I have no intention of playing the Scottish card, of course,” he says, although I think he has. His campaign website is tartan […]

Students’ Representative Council fails to represent students

This week’s Student Newspaper (no link yet unfortunately) reports that Edinburgh University Students’ Association is getting well involved in the upcoming Rectorial election. Are they taking measures to try and boost turnout? Or perhaps they’ll have a wee awareness campaign to tell people what the hell a Rector actually does? Actually, they are campaigning against […]

Ballard’s poll is conclusive!

Woopsadaisy. “Student favourite” for the upcoming Edinburgh University Rectorial election, Mark Ballard has put a poll up on his website asking who you are most likely to vote first. It would appear to be Boris Johnson, by a significant margin. I was one of only four voters for Magnus Linklater, so I guess I don’t […]

Edinburgh’s Rectorial election

I don’t think I had heard of Magnus Linklater until earlier today. He is apparently one of the candidates for rector of Edinburgh University. Nominations closed yesterday, but I can’t find anything about it on Edinburgh University’s website — but then again, it’s very difficult to find anything on that website. I’m not exactly sure […]