Bloggers censored for upsetting a billionaire bully-boy

I’m a bit late with this one, but I feel as though I should mention it. Bloggerheads has been taken down by a bullying Uzbek billionaire and his bullying lawyers. Craig Murray’s website was apparently the one that upset Alisher Usmanov so much. But Tim Ireland’s ISP decided to take down a whole cluster of […]

No Record of a PM distributor

At last! On Friday I saw my first ever copy of the Record PM since the paper became free. Yes, it was a discarded paper left on a train seat. A few weeks ago The Scottish Patient pointed and laughed at the paper’s unpopularity. But I would be interested in taking a look. It is […]

Why I am not in favour of independence

This is the post about independence that I have been threatening to write for months. I am seriously considering voting SNP at this year’s Scottish Parliament elections. But I will probably stand in the voting booth thinking long and hard about it, with my hand quivering. And it will definitely be only for the constituency […]

It has nothing to do with the Union

I don’t know why some people get so upset about the fact that some Scottish people don’t like to support England. I find it funny how it has become such a big political issue. Some like to pretend that it shows that the United Kingdom is illegitimate and should be split up into separate nations. […]

More anger at the media

Another victim of the London bombings has spoken out against the media’s misrepresentation of his views. But this time John Tulloch’s image is being used aswell. (Via.) Update: See Curious Hamster on this aswell.