Blood & Treasure: “Blimey, the jihadis will just be shouting “bang” next. I’ve got a horrible feeling that…no…this couldn’t have been some stupid fucking piece of performance art, could it?”

London thought-splurge

This is a bit of a thought-splurge of little things that have been going through my mind since the London bombings. I was surprised that some people felt that they had to change their political views in the aftermath of the London bombings, seeing it as a wake-up call. It is, though, different for me. […]

BNP exploits tragedy

The BNP have used a photo of the bus bomed in London on Thursday in their latest election leaflet. They can fuck right off. (Via.)

Now Birmingham

Fingers crossed this isn’t too serious. According to what they said on the radio, there was a controlled explosion earlier on which is unrelated to the evacuation. And it’s all apparently unrelated to what happened in London on Thursday. They’ve been talking about it on the news channels, but it isn’t dominating the schedules, which […]

Foreign coverage

The Liberal Dissenter has a post about CNN’s coverage of the London attacks. I’ve only got Freeview, so I don’t have CNN, and I’ve probably watched a total of about five minutes of CNN International, or whatever it’s called, in my lifetime. Sounds like it’s just as well. On Thursday night I watched ABC’s World […]

Telling the story with your phone

When we were watching the news today my mother seemed to be quite offended. She was complaining about the fact that so many people who were in such a tragic situation would decide to get their phones out and film it. I tried to explain to her the whole idea of citizen journalism, but she […]