User generated content doesn’t belong on the mainstream media

I’ve been thinking a bit recently about “citizen journalism” and its relationship with the mainstream media. “User generated content” is very trendy at the moment. I had expected that to happen, but it hasn’t turned out quite the way I expected it. Some people seem dead set on framing the whole issue as some kind […]

More anger at the media

Another victim of the London bombings has spoken out against the media’s misrepresentation of his views. But this time John Tulloch’s image is being used aswell. (Via.) Update: See Curious Hamster on this aswell.

Bloody hell

I’ve not managed to read all of this. But I’ve read the first half or so and it’s really good, so why don’t you give it a go? (Via.)

Shot man was not bomber

According to The Guardian. And now also the BBC. So he was just an Asian guy with a jacket on then? (Update: Now it turns out he wasn’t even Asian, but Brazilian.) It’s possibly best to wait and see what further news there is until commenting properly though. Update: Nosemonkey posts on this aswell. Update: […]

Five times

BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG If the reports are true then I think this is quite a lot, especially considering the guy was apparently already on the floor. My initial thought train went something like this: “Holy shit they shot a suspected terrorist… But couldn’t they have just arrested him? If the bomb was on […]