Moan, whine, isn’t that what a LiveJournal is for?

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a few days. I shouldn’t even have written that post about Celebrity Big Brother, but I couldn’t really stop myself. I didn’t proofread it properly which is why it came complete with a glaring error in the post title for five whole days. It’s been crazy […]

Vox thoughts

I signed up to Six Apart’s funny new blogging / social network service, Vox (thanks to Sarah for the invite!). Is it LiveJournal for grownups? Is it MySpace without the emo kids? We just don’t know. Here is my page on Vox. I’m not exactly sure that I’ll ever use it, given that I surely […]

The growth of blogging

I saw this headline on BBC News: “One blog created ‘every second’.” “Crikey,” was my first thought, followed by, “well, of course, most of them are probably forgotten about after a few days.” But then I read David Sifry’s report. It reveals that the majority of blogs are actually considered ‘active’. 55% of blogs have […]