vee8: Formula 1 liveblogging / Twittering

Contrary to the post I wrote yesterday morning, this week is actually a very good week for me and new web-ventures! Yesterday I moved Scottish Roundup to its new home. Now I have gone ahead and created that Twitter account for Formula 1 liveblogging. This kind of kills two birds with one stone. The obvious […]

Some ideas for Twitter

Over the weekend, with all the excitement of F1, I decided to have a go at liveblogging the grand prix weekend. Liveblogging the normal way can be a cumbersome task. It involves constantly refreshing the edit page and is generally pretty clunky and (for something that’s meant to be ‘live’) slow. It dawned on me, […]

F1 liveblogging

As an experiment, I will be using my Twitter account to liveblog the Australian Grand Prix this weekend, starting with tonight’s first practice session. I’ve got so many more ideas, but I have not got the time to deal with them at the moment. But if I like the way this experiment turns out, be […]

UK General Election 2005

We’re on the last lap of the election campaign. People have been saying that it was a boring campaign, and I kind of agree. I can’t remember too many election campaigns though, because this is only the fifth general election in my lifetime anyway. I won’t be joining the newspapers in that odd tradition of […]