Why do I hate the NME again?

This is another one that slots into “obvious”, but I’ve just read the list of winners at the NME Awards, and what a load of steaming shite it is. No awards even for Maxïmo Park, who are one of the few vaguely interesting bands in that scene. Shocker. Instead, all the awards went to the […]

Stopping genuine action

Quaequam Blog! points out that Bob Geldof thinks emails are “stopping genuine action,” even though Geldof himself was the most useless waste of space of the year.

The man who betrayed the poor

George Monbiot reminds us about Bob Geldof — The Man Who Betrayed the Poor. “Right from the beginning,” says Kofi Mawuli Klu of the Forum of African Human Rights Defenders, “he has acted in his own selfish interests. It was all about self-promotion, about usurping the place of Africans. His message was “shut up and […]

Great 8?

Nosemonkey on Live8. Incidentally, I’ve avoided most of it so far, although I’m very interested to see Pink Floyd! Update: Nick Barlow’s take on it.

The myth of Saint Bob

What a cracking article by Andy Kershaw in The Independent. You should, of course, read it all, but here are some edited highlights: Geldof’s arrogance is breathtaking. First, he dismisses the idea of having Africans on his bill since, supposedly, they are not big enough draws. Now, outrageously, he is planning to corral the Africans […]

Geldof is wrong AGAIN

Touts and twats, or, selling a concert ticket does not hurt an African. Update: You missed the eBay boat, Bob. Update: The comments to that post make interesting reading. It’s ironic how easily the fawning media forget that Saint Bob made his name and fortune capitalising on a fatal high school shooting. A message for […]