Brown favours AV?

According to Make My Vote Count, Gordon Brown might be in favour of the Alternative Vote system. That’s not what he told me.

Gordon Brown and Charlie Falconer have their say (pt. 3)

A third reply to my letter to my MP came today (incidentally, there are brand new Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath letterheads!). This one came with a copy of a letter from unelected Charlie Lord Falconer of Thoroton. “I don’t think there’s a real groundswell for change,” he once said regarding making my vote count. In my […]

Gordon Brown and others have their say (pt. 2)

Another reply to my letter from Gordon Brown came this morning, with a photocopy of another one from the Department for Constitutional Affairs. Dear Mr Stephen I enclose a copy of a letter I have just received concerning the matter I raised on your behalf. As you will see a further letter will follow and […]

Gordon Brown has his say (or not)

Sit up now Stuart, Gareth, Garry, Murky. Gordon Brown has replied to my letter. Dear Mr Stephen Thank you for your recent letter which I have forwarded to the appropriate department. I will contact you once I receive a reply. Yours sincerely Gordon Brown MP I’m sure you’ll agree, it was definitely worth the wait, […]

Proxy blogging

After Garry of A Big Stick and a Small Carrot started his Anne Begg proxy blog, Stuart Dickson asked: Doctorvee, any plans for a new Gordon Brown MP [proxy blog]? Well, I don’t know about that really. I wasn’t thinking about it anyway. I kind of waver on the issue of proxy blogs enough. Gordon […]

Kirkcaldy is not behind Gordon Brown?

Just went with the rest of my family to vote. Nice weather. Infact, it’s too hot. Good for Labour? Two journalists from The Guardian interviewed us as we left the polling station. Firstly they asked if we would reveal how we voted. My mother revealed that she voted Lib Dem, and the journalist took it […]

The mysterious Elizabeth Kwantes

Less than six hours before the polling stations open, and there was one candidate who I still didn’t know anything about. I could only find information after a bit of Googling, and following a link on a rather — ahem — colourful website called Equitable Life Members Support Group. And here is her website. So […]

UK General Election 2005

We’re on the last lap of the election campaign. People have been saying that it was a boring campaign, and I kind of agree. I can’t remember too many election campaigns though, because this is only the fifth general election in my lifetime anyway. I won’t be joining the newspapers in that odd tradition of […]

Leaflet review

For ages it felt like we were ignored around here. Few leaflets, and just the odd poster — no less than three from the Lib Dems, and one from UKIP in Kirkcaldy. It is a very safe Labour seat, so it’s not really surprising. But at last, a pile of leaflets have landed on the […]

Nothing about Gordon?

The Herald says that nine candidates will be standing in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. It helpfully lists… one of them! No sign of the shy three others anywhere. Update: I eventually found them on the Fife Direct website. The Scottish Senior Citizens’ Unity Party will be standing, aswell as two independents. Oddly, both of the independents […]