2005 Formula 1 German Grand Prix

Not a bad race this time. There is quite a lot to comment on. The first thing to say is that Alonso looks like he well and truly has the championship wrapped up. The McLaren, as I have been saying for goodness knows how long, is clearly the best car. But it is simply far […]

2005 Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Another disappointing race, but there were more incidents than there were in France. The McLarens looked superb once again. Juan Pablo Montoya’s start was fantastic, and that’s probably what sealed the win for him, as well as just managing to snatch the lead after Alonso’s first pit stop. There’s not much else to say, except […]

2005 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Another great race! Perhaps not the best race in terms of racing, but it was certainly incident-packed. You wouldn’t expect anything else from the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit though. Like qualifying, the race result was a wee bit skewed, with both Ferraris on the podium, Massa grabbing fourth place and Webber aswell as both Red Bulls […]