2006 British Grand Prix

Lots of talking points, even though there wasn’t that much on-track action. Infact, the first session of qualifying was probably the most interesting part of the whole weekend. Track conditions were clearly not too good, probably as a result of Silverstone’s famously unpredictable wind conditions. All of the drivers seemed to be struggling badly until […]

2006 Monaco Grand Prix

Well, that turned out to be not a bad race! Yesterday’s Schumacher incident provided an interesting talking point to frame the race in, and the race did threaten to become a procession at one point. In a way, it still was a procession, as Alonso led the race practically from start to finish. But what […]

2006 San Marino Grand Prix

That was a strange race. It wasn’t very exciting, then it got very exciting, and then it became very boring again. A few points. First of all, I am not at all sure we television viewers got the full story of the race. It is a shame, but you can really tell these days whether […]

2006 Australian Grand Prix

Better late than never. Races don’t come much more action-packed than that. It’s just as well the race itself was good fun, because by the looks of it there isn’t going to be much of a championship battle this year. Renault and Alonso look as though they could race their cars backwards and still walk […]

2006 Malaysian Grand Prix

Not a very action-packed race. For a period about two thirds of the way through it looked like it was going to be one of those rare races that actually get closer towards the end, but it was not to be. I didn’t fall asleep though, so I’m becoming expert at surviving these races that […]

2006 Bahrain Grand Prix

Quite a good race. Although it wasn’t action-packed from start to finish, there were a number of notable moments. Firstly, it turned out that the Ferraris (Michael Schumacher at least, although we can’t tell with Felipe Massa) were not as lightly fuelled as some suspected. So Ferrari are back on form. Even though they did […]

2005 Formula 1 season review

So, like last year (I think I did this last year anyway), I’m going to run down all the drivers and teams this year and consider their performance across the season. Drivers 27 — Anthony Davidson Davidson’s best performances this year have been in the commentary box. His only race was Bahrain where Takuma Sato […]

Reliability halts McLaren again!

This time, though, it wasn’t the car, but a manhole cover. It got blown off by a car and then Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into it. There’s always something new in Formula 1, isn’t there? Anyway, the race was dead boring, apart from that bit where somebody locked up. Was it Barrichello? I can’t even […]

F1’s youngest ever champion!

2005 Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix Well it was just as well it was such a momentous day in the record books, because the race itself was just about as boring as it gets. I got the feeling that everybody was quite happy to let the pieces fall together as they did and not push […]

2005 Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix

Another slow burner of a race there, but there are a few talking points as usual. First of all, the obligatory mention of Kimi Räikkönen and his engine. I am saying this after just about every race, but McLaren really have to get their act together when it comes to reliability. The McLaren is the […]