Lewis Hamilton: A deserving champion

This is the first of a series of posts rounding up my final thoughts on the season. You probably don’t need to be told that Lewis Hamilton is the 2008 Formula 1 World Drivers’ Champion. At the age of 23 years and 300 days, he eclipses Fernando Alonso to become the youngest ever World Champion. […]

It’s Hamilton’s to lose

There is not much to say after the Chinese Grand Prix. The race itself was spectacularly dull and controversy-free. (And I have left it my customary few hours to see if the stewards get involved — they haven’t.) It’s good not to have controversy, but we have become so used to it that it feels […]

A first from FOM — videos of the controversial incidents

It is increasingly a rarity. But today the powers that be in Formula 1 have done something right. Bernie Ecclestone’s website, Formula1.com, has uploaded videos of the three controversial incidents that happened during the Japanese Grand Prix. The intention is clear as the title of the video asks, “what do you think?” This includes a […]

Welcome to Formula None, where racing is illegal

So another race, another clutch of dodgy stewards’ decisions. During the ITV broadcast today, Martin Brundle got it bang on: we are now watching a nanny state F1 where we are constantly paranoid about penalties. And that was even before the most ridiculous penalty of the lot — to S├ębastien Bourdais — was doled out. […]

Liveblog: Japanese Grand Prix

Coffee, check. Matchsticks, check. Exciting Formula 1 Grand Prix, let’s hope so. It’s F1 Fanatic liveblog time. The ITV programme starts at 0430, with the race due to start at 0530. We have made some changes to the F1 Fanatic Live Blogs which you can read about here Use this button on the Live Blog […]

Liveblog: Japanese Qualifying

Get that extra-strong coffee on the go because it’s time for qualifying at the eye-blearing time of 6am British time! Here is the F1 Fanatic liveblog. We have made some changes to the F1 Fanatic Live Blogs which you can read about here Use this button on the Live Blog panel to turn off auto […]

Liveblog: Japanese Practice

This one is going to throw our sleeping patterns completely out of whack. But we’re still here with the F1 Fanatic liveblog. Well, I say “we”, but it remains to be seen whether I will actually be around. I’ll definitely be here for Friday Practice 1, but we’ll see about FP2… It’s a flyaway race […]

McLaren appeal ruled inadmissible

The FIA Court of Appeal today rejected McLaren’s appeal of the stewards’ decision to penalise Lewis Hamilton after the Belgian Grand Prix. This was precisely the outcome that I (and, I guess, most others) expected. So I assume we won’t see the same kind of fall-out that came when the penalty was originally handed out. […]

Forza Minardi! Bravo Sebastian!

After the controversy of Spa, which I described at the time as being among the darkest days of F1, the Italian Grand Prix has provided the sport with its best day for a very long time. It’s the good news story F1 craved. Sebastian Vettel has become the youngest ever Grand Prix winner at a […]

What the rules say (or rather, what they don’t say)

I have some concluding thoughts about the incident which I have gathered after seeing how the debate has unfolded on blogs and forums. Basically, the problem boils down to the lack of clarity in the regulations. First of all, I notice that people keep on referring to what the rules are. “The rules say he […]