They only just got in my good books!

F1Fanatic reports that ITV will be hiding the Canadian Grand Prix on their digital channels ITV4 and ITV2. Only highlights will be shown on ITV1. Perhaps ITV think that nobody will notice because of the World Cup. Well they are wrong. You would understand if there were World Cup matches clashing with the F1, but […]

ITV’s USGP coverage is up for a Bafta

ITV1’s coverage of the 2005 United States Grand Prix — yes, that one — has been nominated for a Bafta! It’s true you know. The idea seems strange at first. Are you sure they got the right race? Well, although the USGP may have marked a real low point for Formula 1, I think it […]

ITV1 to be renamed ‘Balls’

That’s according to ITV’s marketing people, who have decided that ITV1 needs a name that reflects its programming better. Not really. Sorry for my third media post in a row (doh), but I’ve just read this article on ITV’s upcoming rebrand, and it is such a pile of absolute minge. Welcome to the world of […]

Channel 4’s late afternoons

Channel 4 has poached Paul O’Grady, which I think is just all-round odd. Surely the only slot he could fill would be Richard & Judy’s, so what will happen to them? It’s hardly as if Channel 4 have problems filling their tea-time schedule. In recent years, Countdown has been pushed back to mid-afternoon to make […]

Beat 10shit

Last week one of the local radio stations (well, I say local, but its studios are actually in Glasgow — as if enough of the media didn’t already come from Glasgow), Beat 106, changed its name to Xfm Scotland. Snappy. I’ve had quite a rocky relationship with Beat 106. When it first launched in 1999 […]

Morbid curiosity

Morbid curiosity? ITV1’s ratings for the United States Grand Prix were good — only slightly down from the Canadian Grand Prix, peaking at almost 6 million viewers. You have to say, it’s certainly got people talking about F1…

F1 on the up

The highly exciting season means that Formula 1 audiences are on the up, particularly in the UK where ITV1’s coverage of the Canadian Grand Prix was up 50% on last year!