2006 San Marino Grand Prix

That was a strange race. It wasn’t very exciting, then it got very exciting, and then it became very boring again. A few points. First of all, I am not at all sure we television viewers got the full story of the race. It is a shame, but you can really tell these days whether […]

ITV’s USGP coverage is up for a Bafta

ITV1’s coverage of the 2005 United States Grand Prix — yes, that one — has been nominated for a Bafta! It’s true you know. The idea seems strange at first. Are you sure they got the right race? Well, although the USGP may have marked a real low point for Formula 1, I think it […]

More ITVF1 rumours

Pitpass is reporting that ITV are considering introducing advertising in a split screen for Formula 1. But I thought they always wanted to do that. Surely they would have to get permission from Ofcom, as currently broadcasters are only allowed to show text during adverts. If this were to happen though, it would be very […]

More changes to ITVF1

More changes to ITV’s Formula 1 coverage have been announced, and they’ve done just about the worst thing they could do (apart from dropping Martin Brundle of course!). Tony Jardine has been given the boot. Shame. The Pitpass article suggests that there are more changes to come.