Welcome home to ITV

The 1979 ITV strike was the longest in the history of British television. It was also the last major strike. When service resumed after ten weeks, this is what viewers saw. With this naff jingle, viewers must have immediately wished that ITV never came back. Following the ten week break, it would be a further […]

This is the news Jim, but not as we know (or want) it

So “Sir Trevor McDonald” (it is illegal to say ‘Trevor McDonald’ without putting ‘Sir’ in front of it) has just completed his second gruelling week back at the helm of the resurrected News at Ten. It doesn’t seem to have worked for ITV. They’ve made a big fuss about how they are bringing back an […]

The 11th of September

On the fifth anniversary of the attacks, I thought I would write a post about my memories of that day. This is partly because it is really the first news story in my life where I might be asked the question, “where were you when you heard…?” Well, there was Princess Diana’s death, but I […]


I recently read a webpage that talked about events from 1994. I was surprised at how much I remembered — I was only 8. The BBC Editors blog asks, what do you remember from the news from when you were nine? Use Wikipedia to take a look. I’m using 20th March 1995—19th March 1996. Here’s […]

ITV News: still professional as ever

ITV News: still professional as ever: “ITV News Channel staff’s worst fears about their future appeared to have been realised yesterday after a secret document outlining a contingency plan for the “imminent closure” of the service was left on a printer.”

Sky theatre of News

I’ve just seen a picture of the long-awaited revamp of Sky News, to be thrust onto our screens on Monday. Initial reaction: looks just like a red version of ITV News’ bloody stupid ‘theatre of news’.

Error rectified

As I hoped, Nick Robinson is back as the BBC’s Political Editor. Of course Robinson is a former Young Conservative. When will those lefties at the BBC learn?