Franz Ferdinand and Justice

I don’t know how cool it is to admit it these days, but I am really getting into Franz Ferdinand. I’m not usually interested in these indie bands because let’s face it — most of them are basic, bland clones. But Franz Ferdinand really do seem to have something. I borrowed their first album off […]

Remind me why I fell out with indie?

Aaargh. Yesterday’s Film & Music section in The Guardian contains a letter that really just typifies everything that made me go into a violent, year-long anti-guitar rage a few years back. The letter is from somebody called DP Woodhead, which is already a bad sign. Does he think he’s a novelist or something? This is […]

Is music that important?

Government pledge for indie music. I wondered when it would happen; after all, indie film companies get tons of support. I was never too sure about government subsidising arts though. What is astonishing about this is that there is a music minister. Music is important and all, but not that important! (Via.)