It’s not all about the money

Events in the world of finance over the past few weeks have focussed that ‘national conversation’ onto matters economic. Of course, the economy always features heavily in debates surrounding independence, but events have changed the tone and moved the debate up a gear. In particular, the trouble that Iceland finds itself in has led Scottish […]

My view on Scotland’s constitutional future

If you haven’t read my previous post explaining what I’m trying to do here, feel free to take a look. In this post I will set out the thinking behind my views on Scottish independence. For what it’s worth, I think within a couple of decades the idea of the independent nation state will almost […]

Sigur Rós — Hvarf, Heim, Heima

I was beginning to lose my faith in Sigur Rós a bit. Takk… was a pretty good album, but lacked the oceanic beauty of Ágætis Byrjun, the novelty of ( ) and the experimentation of Von and Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do. The most recent EP, Sæglópur, contained the most boring output I have […]

Fame can do wonders for a back catalogue

Fame can do wonders for a back catalogue. According to Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise, Sigur Rós’ first two albums gone platinum in Iceland. Despite the fact that ‘Von’ is now a platinum album, it sold only 313 copies in its first year!


More details about Sigur Rós’ new album. It’s called ‘Takk…’ — strange that ‘takk’ is one of the very few Icelandic words I know (it means ‘thanks’) — and comes out on the 12th of September. Can’t wait!