My non-expert opinion on an actual expert opinion

Okay, this is my first politics / amateur psephology post in a while. Brace yourselves! Professor John Curtice has been making predictions, and I think the clearest message there is that Labour are in big trouble. I really like this cute Labour quote though: However, a Labour spokesman dismissed Prof Curtice’s forecasts yesterday. The spokesman […]

“STV is great, except in Holyrood”

The Arbuthnott Commission published its final report on the electoral system today. I’ve only read the summary, but it’s got some promising recommendations. These report dudes always seem so much more sensible on this issue than politicians. I wonder why? Still, I don’t quite agree with everything the report has to say. Most importantly, the […]

Holyrood’s electoral wiggle

Report seeks electoral shake-up. I’ve never been keen on the idea of there being two different types of MSP. I also dislike any form of list system because it involves voting for a party rather than an individual, so all the politicians concentrate on trying to impress party big-wigs rather than the voters (not that […]