Merry Christmas — looking back and forward

I would like to wish everyone who still reads this a very merry Christmas. As time has gone on, my updates have become increasingly sporadic. I am surprised and touched that people keep coming back to read and comment on what I have written. Looking back, I have actually written almost a hundred articles for […]


I have just come home from my final exam of the summer. Hoorah, etcetera. It’s been a pretty bad couple of weeks. The politics exams were easy enough — you can bluff your way through them easily. But I think I actually died during the Economics exam. I’m not certain about that though — I […]

Bloody bank holidays

Aswell as Corn Flakes, I hate bank holidays. Not so much bank holidays, I don’t mind them. I hate bank holidays when it’s not a bank holiday though. Because not only do we have to put up with people saying it’s a bank holiday when it’s not, and not only do we have to cope […]

Summer holiday

I’ve not been blogging very much recently, and when I have it’s more often than not been about Formula 1. I even wrote a lengthy post about a Formula 1 video game just there! It’s partly because I can’t think of anything to write about, but mostly because the holiday, as I’ve been telling everybody […]