From the vaults: Old F1 magazines

Okay, so it’s not from the vaults, it’s from my attic. I just happened to mention in passing to “me” from Sidepodcast on Identica the short-lived F1 magazine GPX. He asked me to upload it so that he could see what it was like, so I took photos of the two issues of GPX I […]


It seemed to be going so well too. In 2006, Scotland’s rail service was pretty good from my perspective. The route I take — Fife to Edinburgh — is meant to be one of the worst in the country, but I think it is fine. Granted, I no longer have to go at peak time […]


Wow, is Haymarket station crumbling or something? I went to the station at just before 9am to find out that there was a signal failure at Haymarket which meant that no trains were going into or coming out of Edinburgh. Apparently the trains are only starting up again around about now (after 11am). Too late […]

The train that’s always late

According to this article on BBC News, the railways are actually in pretty good shape. Round here the trains seem to get posher all the time. I used to think those Turbostar Class 170 ones were quite luxurious as trains go (certainly compared to the crummy Class 156s). Then last week I went into a […]


Mmmmmmm. I obviously can’t get trains to Edinburgh, because there’s no other way to get there. My brother can’t get trains to Dundee either because they all come from Edinburgh!