Block Flash

I have never blocked adverts in my life. I accept that this web malarkey has to be paid for somehow, so I don’t mind websites with adverts on them. As long as they don’t get in the way of what I’m trying to read! Adverts are getting more and more annoying, and it’s all down […]

Yes, but… what is it?

I’m a little bit confused by this Comment is free malarky. I get the whole “Bleeeargh! Newspapers! Old media! Adapt or die!” thing. But The Guardian has been doing blogs for ages. So what’s new? What’s the big thing? What’s all the fuss about? I read somewhere that they’ve got over 200 people signed up […]

Screen Burn TV

Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn column is becoming a television series. Could be one to watch, because Brooker’s columns often actually make me laugh.

Blogging is good?

This teeny-tiny article in The Scotsman (via) proclaims, “Blogging is good for you.” Thank goodness for that. But have they never heard of blog depression? And do they not realise how embarassing it is if you can’t think of a single decent thing to write, like right now? (I haven’t even written any medium-sized posts […]

Brooker on Galloway

Charlie Brooker: Supposing… Galloway really tried to balls up his career: [Upon eviction, George Galloway was] greeted by what sounded like an explosion in a boo factory… In PR terms, it’s hard to think of anything worse he could’ve done during his stay in the house. But I’ll have a go. He could have 1) […]

Berliner TheObserver

A preview edition of The Observer‘s new design in the Berliner format (via). I hadn’t realised that it was changing this week. I’ve never been as keen on the look and feel of The Observer as The Guardian, and I’m not fond on what I’ve seen of this new look either. The masthead makes it […]

Remind me why I fell out with indie?

Aaargh. Yesterday’s Film & Music section in The Guardian contains a letter that really just typifies everything that made me go into a violent, year-long anti-guitar rage a few years back. The letter is from somebody called DP Woodhead, which is already a bad sign. Does he think he’s a novelist or something? This is […]