No excuses now

Wow, I just got a “golden ticket” to use I signed up aaages ago when nobody really knew what was. Well, it’s a hosting site à la TypePad. Oh, and it’s free (so maybe more like a good version of Blogger, I guess). And it uses WordPress of course. So if you don’t […]

Gravatar fix

Gravatar’s been down for a few days. Didn’t seem to be a big deal; I’m certain it’s happened before. But a lot of people are worried, particularly since the person behind, Tom Werner, seems to have disappeared off the face of the internet at about April / May time. Which isn’t too good. But […]

Comment changes

Because of a sustained spam attack, I am now not allowing anonymous comments. You have to fill in the name and email fields (although you can obviously use a fake email if you want). Filling in your email address is also useful for Gravatars, and that not-very-interesting ‘regular commenters’ list.