Thoughts on graduating

My mother complained that I haven’t written about my graduation apart from that slightly sarcastic post I wrote prior to it. So here I am with an update on the experience. First of all, it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. We had to be sat down by 10:30 and the ceremony didn’t start […]

The silly thing with the gown and stuff

There has not been much blogging this week because I have been quite busy. Part of that is because my next post is another epic rant unfortunately (looking like 2,000 words plus at the moment). But most of the time has been spent on preparation for the silly thing with the gown and stuff which […]

An explanation for the quietness

Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting took the baton from me and listed his top 10 blogs (although unlike me, he concentrated just on Scottish political blogs). In the process, he accused this place of having “a scarcity of posts of late”. Guilty as charged. A number of elements have conspired against me when it comes […]