Calm down Labour

Many of Tony Blair’s harshest critics seem to be Labour MPs. Loads of them seem to be calling for Blair to quit. Surely they’re jumping the gun a bit? Don’t get me wrong — I’d love to see the back of Blair as much as the next person. But surely from the Labour Party’s point […]

Kirkcaldy is not behind Gordon Brown?

Just went with the rest of my family to vote. Nice weather. Infact, it’s too hot. Good for Labour? Two journalists from The Guardian interviewed us as we left the polling station. Firstly they asked if we would reveal how we voted. My mother revealed that she voted Lib Dem, and the journalist took it […]

Something about Gordon after all?

A week ago Returning Officer our Man in Whitehall wondered why Gordon Brown was getting such an easy time of it here in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. I said in the comments there that a protest candidate in the form of Save the Scottish Regiments was indeed standing. But since then the Save the Scottish Regiments […]


My brother bumped into some bloke called Gordon Brown in the High Street yesterday. My brother said he’s not 18 yet and moved on. Lucky him — I don’t know what I’d say if I met Gordon Brown. I met a canvassing politician during the week aswell. Unfortunately it was a student politician, as the […]

Save the Scottish Regiments to stand

One of the things about living in a very high-profile politician’s potential (yeah right) future constituency is the large amount of headline-grabbing minor parties. Alongside the SSP (just kidding!) we now have a Save the Scottish Regiments candidate, Anne McMillan, standing in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. It’s only their second candidate so far, though it’s expected […]

Now Fife is complete

Our Man in Whitehall points out an article in The Times: GORDON BROWN is being warned that he will not be forgiven by Labour MPs if he chooses to “sulk in his tent” during an election in which the party fears that more than 100 seats are at risk. Turns out he’s not sulking in […]