Newspapers: keep your RSS feeds

There is a slightly bizarre article today on Online Journalism Blog advocating that newspapers should turn off their RSS feeds and instead push their stories to Twitter (via Cybersoc). Many people have noticed that Twitter has become one of the easiest ways to disseminate content on the internet, leading some to predict the death of […]

“Tartan Hero” Grant Thoms on deleting your blog

Here is the full text of an article written by Grant Thoms for his Tartan Hero blog on 24 November 2007: Wendy’s in a ‘spin’ again It should have been third time lucky for Wendy Alexander and a head of communications for the Labour Group. First, Brian Lironi left within days of Wendy’s coronation. Then […]

Be careful what you delete from the web

If you are a user of the internet (which you are) then you have to be really careful what you publish on it. Even if you think you can’t delete something, you can’t. While on the screen it looks like it’s disappeared, in reality there is a huge probability that all of the data will […]

Shove your partial feeds up your RSS

(Yes, every post I write about RSS must contain the hilarious “‘RSS’ sounds a little bit like ‘arse’” pun.) I have a request for those people who publish RSS feeds. Make them full feeds! I know there is a supposedly a debate about whether partial or full feeds work best. Well, that is not really […]

Watch out — I have begun tinkering

After an astonishingly tinker-free summer, I have made a few changes on the blog. Perhaps the most important is the reintroduction of the Best of page, which I hinted at a couple of months ago. This is just to attract attention to some of the notable posts I have written in the past. There is […]

Can’t be RSSed

I have been thinking a little bit about RSS recently (it’s the sort of exciting life I have). For whatever reason, I don’t seem to have as much spare time as I used to. Or at least, I don’t have as much time to read blogs as I once did. That’s what it feels like […]

Google Reader deleting unread posts

I think I’ve just found out that Google Reader automatically deletes any unread items that are more than a month old. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything too important in those hundreds of unread posts, but I’m still a bit surprised. I’d quite like to think that if something has been ‘unread’, I would […]

Middle click

The Firefox 2 feature that seems to have got people most excited is the fact that each individual tab now has its own X button. But come on. Why did you even use the X button anyway. Did you not realise that middle clicking on a tab closes it? Infact, middle clicking is probably one […]

I’m converted!

To Google Reader, that is. I’ve been a user of Bloglines pretty much ever since I started heavily using RSS feeds. Which is probably getting on for a couple of years. I was pretty happy with it. Sure, sometimes it is a bit slow to update feeds, and it is down more often than I […]

Google Reader’s killer feature

I’ve been a big user of Bloglines ever since I started properly using RSS feeds. I’ve not wanted to use Google Reader before — it was clunky, fugly, slow and just really shit. But Google Reader has been given more than a spring clean this week, and it feels a whole lot smarter. But Bloglines […]