Reaching a wider audience or just creating an echo chamber?

For the past few weeks I have been using Digsby, a smart Trillian-style multi-protocol IM client. I’ve tried such programs before — Trillian, Pidgin and Meebo — but for one reason or another they all annoyed me. For this reason, before Digsby I stuck to having MSN, Google Talk and Skype all open at once. […]

I’m converted!

To Google Reader, that is. I’ve been a user of Bloglines pretty much ever since I started heavily using RSS feeds. Which is probably getting on for a couple of years. I was pretty happy with it. Sure, sometimes it is a bit slow to update feeds, and it is down more often than I […]

Email problems?

Email problems: I suspect that I’m not receiving any emails. I’ve even sent myself emails and they haven’t arrived. So if you’ve sent me an email in the past 24 hours, I haven’t received it. For the time being, send your email to s0452402 [at] Thanks.

Google Chat

Well, given that I wrote about it the other day without having actually used it, I’ll just quickly write my brief thoughts on Google Chat. It’s pretty nifty; quite impressive, and quite similar to what I expected. Interestingly, unlike in Google Talk, emoticons are actually there (in a sense!). I think that Google Chat is […]

Looks like my email address is changing then

Bloody hell. So just to be sure, my email address is now: doctorvee [at] googlemail [dot] com Update: I’ve decided to just use a address. Anything will work you know. duncan [at] doctorvee [dot] co [dot] uk for instance. It should be noted that both gmail and googlemail addresses will work though, so no need to update address books just […]

No excuses now

Wow, I just got a “golden ticket” to use I signed up aaages ago when nobody really knew what was. Well, it’s a hosting site à la TypePad. Oh, and it’s free (so maybe more like a good version of Blogger, I guess). And it uses WordPress of course. So if you don’t […]

Google Talk: why?

So Google Talk launched today. Well, I’m not sure about this. I know this is only day one, and I am sure that Google have loads more stuff up their sleeve. But part of me just keeps on thinking, is that it? Sure, there are some quaint features. But it is basic. In that sense […]

Gmail go slow

Has anybody else been having problems with Gmail in the past week or so? A lot of the time it seems to take an age to load up. What’s the point in having broadband if it takes so long just to check your email?