The big World Cup debate

I always quite look forward to the World Cup, but when it actually comes along I usually don’t pay as much attention to it as I expected. But on the 31st of May 2006, I can say that I am looking forward to the World Cup. Of course, here in Scotland the big debate is: […]

German tracks may merge

Hockenheim is in a spot of financial bother, putting the German Grand Prix under threat. Now the Nürburgring is offering to share the German Grand Prix. I think this is quite right — they should be doing this anyway. With more and more races fighting for a space in the tight F1 calendar, there is […]

PR isn’t to blame

I’m still seeing people criticising the PR system for the gridlock in Germany (at least one has mentioned the Weimar Republic aswell, but more on that later). Well it simply isn’t true. You see, it’s a little thing called democracy. In Germany the Bundestag actually (by and large) reflects the votes that people made, instead […]

Stalemate caused by FPTP

I’ve spotted a few of the usual suspects crowing about how the situation in Germany would never have occured under First Past the Post and that FPTP is the only way to do democracy and blah blah blah… So what on earth was 1974 all about then? An election held under FPTP which resulted in […]