Useless waste of space

George Galloway is a useless waste of space. Also from Chris Applegate. This isn’t the first time he’s been criticised for not attending Parliament. How much actual work (not $peaking tour$) does he do?

Terrible bias

The Politics Society at Edinburgh University is organising a number of talks this year. Michael Portillo has already been, but we can look forward to Lord Douglas Hurd, Ann Widdecombe and George Galloway. So when are they going to invite somebody from the left?!

Sheridan and Galloway

Scottish Political Junkie blogs about the Scottish Socialist Party, who haven’t exactly been having the best of years. It would be no surprise if the SSP imploded before the next Scottish Parliament election and Tommy Sheridan stood for Respect, the party started by George Galloway MP. Well things certainly sound bad for the SSP at […]

Galloway conveniently forgets

While he’s on his trip to the USA to have an argument, George Galloway is going to miss his deadline to take the oath. Unless the Speaker lets him off, if he sets foot on the floor of the House when he gets back, he will be fined £500, and his Bethnal Green and Bow […]

Election roundup

Arthur’s Seat: A cracking night for the Scottish LibDems, mild anxiety for Labour, disappointment for the SNP and frustration for the Scottish Tories. Contrasting with my view earlier in the evening that it was a good night for everybody except Labour. Looking back, though, the SNP did say that they wanted 6 seats minimum (that’s […]