Yes, but… what is it?

I’m a little bit confused by this Comment is free malarky. I get the whole “Bleeeargh! Newspapers! Old media! Adapt or die!” thing. But The Guardian has been doing blogs for ages. So what’s new? What’s the big thing? What’s all the fuss about? I read somewhere that they’ve got over 200 people signed up […]

Brooker on Galloway

Charlie Brooker: Supposing… Galloway really tried to balls up his career: [Upon eviction, George Galloway was] greeted by what sounded like an explosion in a boo factory… In PR terms, it’s hard to think of anything worse he could’ve done during his stay in the house. But I’ll have a go. He could have 1) […]

Big Brother viewers are the REAL clever ones

I had a bit of a debate yesterday with a friend who is the second person I’ve come across (after Meaders) who thinks that George Galloway taking part in Celebrity Big Brother is actually (snigger) a good idea. My friend was convinced that George Galloway’s appearance on Big Brother was a masterstroke, designed to get […]

I have no useful opinions

I have no useful opinions on any of the current hot talking points. Ariel Sharon’s illness Charles Kennedy / Liberal Democrats George Galloway on Celebrity Big Brother The death of Rachel Squire MP …so here are some completely useless opinions instead. Ariel Sharon’s illness — Nothing interesting to say, apart from the fact that I […]