The man who betrayed the poor

George Monbiot reminds us about Bob Geldof — The Man Who Betrayed the Poor. “Right from the beginning,” says Kofi Mawuli Klu of the Forum of African Human Rights Defenders, “he has acted in his own selfish interests. It was all about self-promotion, about usurping the place of Africans. His message was “shut up and […]

Un-BBC blogging

Paul Mason writes about the very un-BBC Newsnig8t blog. I never read the blog, but it sounds like Mason found it very useful for himself. He seems to understand blogging very well too. (Via.)


It’s difficult for me to blog about the big story of the day. Anything I say will probably be banal and obvious. The feeling I had when I woke up to the news was very similar to the one I felt when Madrid was attacked. There was the initial shock which very quickly subsided to […]