Slow but steady wins the race for Räikkönen

Sorry! Very late once again. Very busy weekend once again. I’m actually staying up well past my bedtime to write this post. (And not because I’m waiting to see if In Rainbows is released this evening, oh no!) Anyway, the Chinese Grand Prix was just the sort of classic race that reminds you why you […]

Now Webber’s quote takes on a new meaning

Remember Mark Webber’s controversial interview on ITV after his retirement at the Japanese Grand Prix? It’s kids, isn’t it. It’s kids with not enough experience, and they just go and fuck it all up! At the time, most people — myself included — thought that he was referring to Sebastian Vettel. But my brother brought […]

Too many thoughts on Fuji

Firstly — apologies for the lateness of my review of the Japanese Grand Prix. Another busy weekend spilled over into Monday, and is spilling over into Tuesday and Wednesday as well. (I am being very naughty by writing this post.) There are so many talking points that it is difficult to know where to start. […]