Libertarianism again

There have been a couple of long responses to my last post on libertarianism and Ukip. First out of the blocks was Longrider, who takes us away from abstract political ideologies and brings in a bit of pragmatism. Libertarianism in its pure form is anarchy. If you are to have individual freedom, sooner or later […]

Ukip libertarian? I think not

One of the most interesting things about libertarians is how quickly their devotion to free markets and capitalism disappear so quickly as soon as it involves those dirty foreigners getting a piece of the action. The Devil’s Kitchen likes to describe himself as a libertarian (as he did in a self-congratulatory post today) and makes […]

Free trade and dinner

Chris Dillow asks, (Why) does free trade favour the rich? Here is something on Make Trade Fair’s website that absolutely infuriates me: Pitting fledgling industries in poor countries against big business overseas is like putting a rabbit in a cage with a tiger. It is such a stupid analogy. They seem to have completely missed […]