Grand Prix posters

I recently received this print as a gift. It is a poster advertising the 5th Monaco Grand Prix, held in 1933. Doesn’t it look great? A great deal has changed in the past 78 years. But this is unmistakably Monaco — the exit of the famous tunnel, with the harbour to the left and the […]

Channel 4 Schools (1995)

Here is another piece of television presentation that has brought the memories flooding back. An early morning (4am) Channel 4 Schools broadcast. I remember the blue slide with the Channel 4 logo on it. It actually looks very classy. Channel 4 had quite a slick presentational style at this point. They used Gill Sans a […]

The declining standard of F1 television coverage

In my previous article about the post-Bahrain backlash, I noted that I thought the main reason why people felt that the race was boring was down to something fully within Bernie Ecclestone’s control. It is the most important thing to the vast majority of fans, although in the rush to blame the presence of heavy […]

A few more tweaks

I’m in the process of writing the next post in my series about music and the internet, but it’s proving to be a bit of an epic. It is probably better to spread the posts out anyway. I doubt many people want to read my ranting and raving about the music industry between Christmas and […]

A new look

Yes, I’ve decided to give the blog a new look again. I couldn’t wait to get this up, but it’s not quite finished. I still need to do a few tweaks here and there. (Surprise surprise, it looks a bit guff in Internet Exploder.) But it’s quite late now and I can’t bring myself to […]

A new zenith — of sadness

Chris Applegate has an interesting post about that Design Quest vote thingy that The Culture Show had recently. Concorde won, which, as Chris pretty convincingly points out, is crap. I was going to write a post about this when the Design Quest launched but then I realised that it was going to turn into a […]

I love Helvetica

Helvetica is everywhere… Helvetica is lovely. Check it out — Warp Records even features (quite right too; they can’t seem to get enough of Helvetica themselves). (Via.)


I’ve been trying for months to work out what the new Channel 4 font reminded me of. I got out my copy of Extinguished: Outtakes by Prefuse 73 yesterday: I’ll possibly post a review of Prefuse 73’s new album, but I’m a bit busy this week so maybe not.

Fonts again

New Links have another site of free fonts up their sleeve. This time it’s a site dedicated to bands’ / films’ / videogames’ fonts. I was just thinking of writing another post about fonts, inspired by this thread on WATMM. I stand by my post: Arial is shit. Helvetica is a million times better. Comic […]