Lazy.b; light.b; lime.c

I am shattered. I feel like I’ve been working hard for a full week, but I totally haven’t. I only went into Edinburgh twice this week and I didn’t even do very much while I was there. (Of course, revision didn’t happen.) The only thing that I can think of is the fact that I […]

First ScotRail: getting better?

I’ve not been on a train for a couple of weeks now. Thank goodness for that, eh? Well actually, I don’t dread the train rides so much these days. Gordon McLean says, “Praise where due,” First ScotRail have improved a lot recently. I agree. By the end of my first semester at university, back when […]

First ScotRail food

First ScotRail will provide meals to feed demands for better service. Bacon rolls, eh? Yum. And I know at least one person who will be happy for the coffee to change.

The train that’s always late

According to this article on BBC News, the railways are actually in pretty good shape. Round here the trains seem to get posher all the time. I used to think those Turbostar Class 170 ones were quite luxurious as trains go (certainly compared to the crummy Class 156s). Then last week I went into a […]

My seat for your vote?

I’ve never been asked to give up my seat ever. Maybe I’m just lucky. Lucky to have a seat in the first place, of course. Ho ho. Commuting can really suck sometimes. Like today. Because of the time my lecture ends at, I always miss a train by less than a minute on Mondays and […]


Mmmmmmm. I obviously can’t get trains to Edinburgh, because there’s no other way to get there. My brother can’t get trains to Dundee either because they all come from Edinburgh!

Smoking on trains

Will Howells writes about the unintended consequences of the smoking bans (although I personally cannot wait for them). When I first stepped on a GNER train I found it all terribly confusing. There seems to be a special carriage for everything. And then when you finally do find a carriage that isn’t special in some […]

Fife – Edinburgh is worst route

Aha. I’m on my Easter / study break at the moment, so I’ve not had to get on a train for weeks. I’ll probably make a trip to visit the library this week though. According to The Scotsman, Fife – Edinburgh is the worst-performing rail route in Scotland. It is a rare occasion when a […]