Registered on Digg

Even though I just criticised Digg less than a week ago, I decided to subcribe the the RSS feed recently. And now I’ve just registered on it. Maybe you can blame this on summer boredom, but I only registered so that I could bury rather than actually ‘Digg’ something. I’ve only found one or two […]

Block Flash

I have never blocked adverts in my life. I accept that this web malarkey has to be paid for somehow, so I don’t mind websites with adverts on them. As long as they don’t get in the way of what I’m trying to read! Adverts are getting more and more annoying, and it’s all down […]

I love Firefox

No real news there, except that I’ve just found out about a nifty Firefox plugin for smelly students like me who use the Athens authentication system, via Spontaneous Monotony. It is an official Athens toolbar which lets you log in and log out easily, which is a godsend really because there have been many times […]

Firefox 1.5 is out

Firefox 1.5 is out — don’t miss it! It’s good, although I’ve been using one of the release candidates for a couple of months now so most of what’s there isn’t a surprise. Isn’t the ability to drag and drop tabs fantastic though? I wish the Windows taskbar would do that.

Opera free for today!

Nice! Apparently, today is Opera’s 10th birthday, and to celebrate they’re giving away free registration codes. Free publicity ahoy! At the moment, I’m firmly planted in the Firefox corner. I’m not too familiar with Opera though. Years ago, when I was on a crumbling steam-driven iMac, I downloaded Opera for it and didn’t find it […]

10% of UK websites are inaccessible

After all this time, one in ten websites are still not supporting Firefox. Luckily, I don’t use any of them. “Surprisingly, after all these years, users of standard-compliant browsers are still faced with sites that do not support their browser or with a link suggesting they download Internet Explorer,” said Deri Jones, chief executive of […]