Guide to waste

This “Recycling and Waste Guide” from Fife Council dropped through our letter box recently. But it seems rather wasteful to me. It contains a few pages — some of which are blank (well done on cutting the waste!) — of quite useful information. But why did they need to deliver it as a ringbinder? Wouldn’t […]

F*** C***cil

Fife Council bans bouncy castles. As David Farrer points out, this isn’t long after they banned bin men from wearing shorts.

Binmen banned from wearing shorts

According to The Times, some busy-body from Fife Council has banned binmen from wearing shorts — in case they get skin cancer because of it. BINMEN in Fife struggling to cope with soaring temperatures have been threatened with dismissal if they wear shorts to work… The council said that, as a responsible employer, it had […]