*IMPORTANT notice for RSS subscribers*

Here is the new URL for the RSS feed: http://doctorvee.co.uk/feed/ Hi everyone. Those promised posts still haven’t come. Er, sorry about that. In the meantime, I have been grappling with an issue with Feedburner, the third party RSS tool. None of the five RSS feeds that I have running through Feedburner have updated since 4 […]

*IMPORTANT notice for RSS subscribers*

Here is the new URL for the RSS feed: http://vee8.doctorvee.co.uk/feed/ Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted here for several days. All is quite in the world of F1 just now, and in the meantime I’ve been grappling with a problem with this blog’s RSS feed. No new posts had published to the RSS feed since […]

Blogging and the future of journalism

This week I helped out Peter John Meiklem on a story for the Sunday Herald about the future of journalism. Amid all the job losses in the Scottish media, the piece looks at whether bloggers can step up to the plate and begin to supplant traditional media outlets. My view has long been that blogging […]

Shove your partial feeds up your RSS

(Yes, every post I write about RSS must contain the hilarious “‘RSS’ sounds a little bit like ‘arse’” pun.) I have a request for those people who publish RSS feeds. Make them full feeds! I know there is a supposedly a debate about whether partial or full feeds work best. Well, that is not really […]

Note for people who don’t like full RSS feeds

I know some people out there aren’t too keen on full RSS feeds. So in my continuing quest to find a use for that Feedburner account, I’ve decided to set it up as a feed that shows extracts only (500 characters maximum). So now you can choose between full posts and extracts. Extracts feed (Feedburner) […]